Saturday, January 16, 2021

PTBL #573, 12/01/2021

1.AC/DC systems down "PWR UP"  2020
2.AC/DC flick of the switch "Flick of the Switch" 1983
3.Y & T dirty girl "Earthshaker" 1981
4.DE LEPPARD on through the night "High n Dry" 1981
5.TYGERS OF PAN TANG running out of time "Crazy Nights" 1981
6.REINCARNATE take it or leave it  "Take it or Leave it: demos and rarities" 2020
7.RICOCHET midas light "Double B Side" 7" 1980
8.DEDRINGER Maxine "Maxine" 2 x 7" 1981
9.RAVEN Nobody's hero "Rock Until You Drop" 1981
10.RANDOM BLACK witch daughter "Under the Cross" 2020
11.RITUAL spaced out "Surrounded by Death" 2020
12.POSSESSED climb the wooden hills "Exploration" 2007
13.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT visions "Run with the Raven" 2020
14.VOIVOD overreaction "Lost Machine" 2020
15.CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY the days of future past "Written Destiny" 2020
16.WITCHTRAP the devils on the loose "Evil Strikes Again" 2020
17.THE TROOPS OF DOOM whispering  dead words "The Rise of Heresy"Ep 2020
18.BASTARD PRIEST eyes of the possessed "Vengeance...of the Damned" Ep 2020
19.CARCASS under the scalpel blade "Despicable" ep 2020
20.NAPALM DEATH acting in gouged faith "Throes of Joy into the Jaws of Defeatism" 2020
21.BLOOD inquistor witchskinner "Inferno" 2017
22.KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR sword of sorcery "Sharpen Your Spikes" 2020
23.TOXIK DEATH morbid divination "Sepulchral demons" 2020
24.KREATOR civilization collapse "Phantom Antichrist" 2012
25.MOTORHEAD  (we are) the road crew "No Sleep til Hammersmith" 1981

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

PTBL #572, 05/01/2021

1.MOTORHEAD ace of spades "No Sleep til Hammersmith" 1981
2.BATHORY ace of spades "In Memory of Quorthon Vol.II" 2006
3.WARHATE ace of spades "Thrash Invasion - Complete War" 2009
4.BATALLION OF SAINTS ace of spades "Second Coming" 1984
5.KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR ace of spades "Ten Years of Total Extermination" 2018
6.SODOM ace of spades "One Night in Bangkok" 2003
7.MEDIEVAL ace of spades "One Morbid... A poser Holocaust" 2014
8.THE CORPS ace of spades "Bottle of Rock n Roll" 2010
9.MOTORHEAD ace of spades "Ace of Spades" 1980
10.ARAGORN black ice "Noonday - the Anthology" 2003
11.BLITZKRIEG buried alive "Buried Alive" 7" 1981
12.CRYING STEEL where the rainbow dies s/t ep 19985
13.ACCEPT starlight "Breaker" 1981
14.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT castle walls (Tears of Leonidas) "Run with the raven" 2020
15.POSSESSED darkness darkness "Exploration" 2007
16.BLACK SABBATH lord of this world "Master of Reality" 1971
17.MOUNTAIN travelling in the dark "Nantucket Sleighride" 1971
18.SHADOW REALM fire fall "The Transitioning" ep 2020
19.ROAD WARRIOR fiends behind the scenes "Mach II" 2020
20.FAT SALLY todays pressure "Shadow of the Night" Ep 1987
21.VOIVOD always moving "Lost Machine" 2019
22.NAPALM DEATH throes of joy into the jaws of defeatism "Throes of Joy Into the Jaws of Defeatism" 2020
22.BLOOD infidel "Inferno" 2017
23.RATT last call "Infestation" 2010
24.38 SPECIAL first time around "Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" 1980
25.IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC diseased pieces of my heart s/t 2010
26.THIN LIZZY leave this town "Renegade" 1981
27.ZZ TOP doubleback "Recycler" 1990
28.MOTORHEAD shoot out all your lights "Bad Magic" 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2020

PTBL # 571, 29/12/2020

1.MOUNTAIN guitar solo "Twin Peaks" 1974
2.MOUNTAIN Mississippi queen "Climbing" 1970
3.MOUNTAIN for yasgur's farm "Climbing" 1970
4.SAMSON good to see you again "Refugee" 1990
5.TYGERS OF PAN TANG small town Flirt  "First Kill" 
6.URCHIN she's a roller  "Get Up & Get Out" 2012
7.CHEVY chevy "The Taker" 1980
8.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT visions "Run with the Raven" 2020
9.BLACK SABBATH sleeping village s/t 1970
10.UNCLE ACID crystal spiders "Vol.1" 2010
11.DEEP PURPLE black night "In Rock" RE 1995
12.IMPALED NAZARENE reflect on this "Road to Octogan" 2010
13.AUTOPSY my corpse shall rise "The Tomb Within" 2010
14.VIOLATOR futurphobia "Annihilation Process" 2010
15.VOIVOD obsolete beings "Lost Machine" 2020
16.AKTOR seeing rocks in the sky "Placebo" 2020
17.SAVATAGE I Believe "Sirens"  1983
18.ZZ TOP decision or collision "Recycler"  1990
19.ACDC shoot to thrill "Back in Black" 1980
20.ACDC demon fire  "PWR UP" 2020
21.ACCEPT no regrets "The Rise of Chaos" 2017
22.DEF LEPPARD hello America "On Through the Night" 1980
23.RATT best of me "Infestation" 2010
24.JUDAS PRIEST you don't have to be old to be wise "British Steel" 1980
25.MOTORHEAD one more fucking time "We Are Motohead" 2000

Friday, December 25, 2020

PTBL #570, 22/12/2020

1.DARK QUARTERER red hot gloves s/t 2013
2.DARK QUARTERER gladiator "Pompei" 2020
3.DARK QUARTERER dark quarterer s/t 1987
4.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT water well "Run with the Raven" 2020
5.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT her sword of tears "Run with the Raven" 2020
6.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT Sheeba (queen of the ravens) "Run with the Raven" 2020
7.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT castle walls (teats of Leonidas)  "Run with the Raven" 2020
8.RAVEN BLACK NIGHT searching your love  "Run with the Raven" 2020
9.BLACK SABBATH rat salad "Paranoid" 1970
10.BLACK SABBATH die young "Heaven and Hell" 1980
11.JUDAS PRIEST breaking the law "British Steel" 1980
12.IRON MAIDEN cross-eyed Mary "The Trooper" 12" 1983
13.SAXON to hell and back again "Strong Arm of the Law"  1980
14.AC/DC through the mists of time "Power Up" 2020
15.Y & T forever "Best of '81 -'85"
16.MOTORHEAD jailbait "Ace of Spades" 1980

Thanks to Jim and Tom for coming on the show to talk about the new Raven Black Night album "Run with the Raven" - check it out, it's worth it.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

PTBL #569, 15/12/2020

1.STRANA OFFICINA in rock we trust "Rising to the Call" 2010
2.AC/DC code red "Power Up" 2020
3.ACCEPT don't go stealin' my heart away "Restless and Wild" 1982
4.IRON MAIDEN I've got the fire "Sanctuary"  12" 1980
5.SILVER MOUNTAIN before the storm "Before the Storm"
6.BITCHES SIN heavy life "The First Temptation"
7.RAVEN not so easy "Metal City" 2020
8.TYGERS OF PAN TANG euthanasia  "The Wild Cast Sessions" MLP 2010
9.ALCATRAZZ polar bear "Born Innocent"  2020
10.SPIRITUAL BEGGARS concrete Horizon "Return to Zero" 2010
11.BLACK SABBATH fairies wear boots "Paranoid" 1970
12.BLUE OYSTER CULT the return of St. Cecillia "The Symbol Remains" 2020
13.HELLACOPTERS throw away heroes "High Visibility" 2000
14.IMPERIL STATE ELECTRIC redemption's gone s/t 2010
15.ARMORED SAINT unfair "Punching the Sky" 2020
16.TRAZER street fighter  v/a "Jobcentre rejects vol.4 Ultra rare FWOSHM 1978-83"
17.VARDIS 100mph "100 MPH" 1980
18.QUIX speed v/a "Jobcentre rejects vol.4 ultra rare FWOSHM 1978-83"
19.TAIPAN lady "Flamethrower" 2010
20.HEROES in for the kill s/t 1980
21.LA FEMME Chelsea kids s/t 1980
22.MICKEY FINN animal s/t 1980
23.THE TROOPS OF DOOM between the devil and deep blue sea "The Rise of Heresy" ep 2020
24.CARCASS the long and winding bier road "Despicable"ep 2020
25.DEATH defensive personalities "Spiritual Healing" 1990
26.MOTORHEAD I know what you need " The World is Yours" 2010

Thursday, December 10, 2020

PTBL #568, 08/12/2020

1.MERCYFUL FATE the uninvited guest  "Into the Unknown" 1996
2.SAVATAGE midas knight "The Dungeons are Calling" EP 1984
3.SIGN OF THE JACKAL (heavy metal) demons "Mark of the Beast" 2013
4.CRYING STEEL Ivory stages s/t ep 1985
5.ENFORCER midnight vice "Diamonds" 2010
6.AMBUSH a silent killer "Infidel" 2020
7.SABOTAGE ridin' through the dark "Behind the Lines" 2009
8.TAIPAN the rising "Flamethrower" 2010
9.THE WIZAR'D Disease from the east "Pathways into Darkness" 2010
10.BLACK LABEL blood on your hands "Blood Money" 2010
11.WARHATE night of the strangler (7" 1990) "Thrash Invasion - complete War" 2007
12.INSECTICIDE 97 megatons s/t unpublished LP 1990/2007
13.MASSACARE bleed to death "The Second Coming" 1990 Demo
14.AC/DC money shot "Power Up" 2020
15.Y & T black tiger "Black Tiger" 1982
16.TKO don't give it away "In Your Face"  1984
17.RAVEN motorheadin' "Metal City" 2020
18.IRON MAIDEN iron maiden s/t 1980
19.SILVER MOUNTAIN axeman and the virgin v/a "Jobcentre Rejects vol.4 - FWOSHM 1978-83"
20.ANGEL WITCH Atlantis s/t 1980
21.ARMORED SAINT missile to gun "Punching the Sky" 2020
22.SODOM sodom and gomorrah "Genesis XIX" 2020
23.WARDOM crucifier "When Darkness Reigns"EP 2010
24.VOIVOD voivod "Lost Machine - live" 2020
25.DEATH within the mind "Spiritual Healing" 1990
26..MOTORHEAD live to win "Ace of Spades" 1980

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

PTBL #567, 01/12/2020

1.HALFORD fire and ice "Made of Metal" 
2.ACCEPT teutonic terror "Blood of the Nations"
3.ALMOST HUMAN overload s/t
4.SCORPIONS raised on rock "Sting in the Tail"
5.RATT a little too much "Infestation" 
6.OVERKILL bring me the night "Ironbound" 
7.VANDERBUYST stealing your thunder s/t
8.SPIRITUAL BEGGARS starborn "Return to Zero"
9.GHOST ritual "Opus Eponymous"
10.IRON MAIDEN the alchemist "The Final Frontier"
11.ARMORED SAINT left hook from right field "La Raza"
12.HEATHEN no stone unturned "The Evolution of Choas
13.DARKTHRONE I am the graves of 80s "Circle the Wagons" 
14.DEATHHAMER armored assassins "Phantom Knights" 
15.VOMITOR saga of the rage "Devils Poison"
16.KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR road killer "War of the Voivodes"
17.MASTER twisted truth "The Human Machine"
18.BASTARD PRIEST under the hammer of destruction "Under the Hammer of Destruction"
19.BOMBS OF HADES the storm is coming "Chambers of Abominations"
20.INTERMENT pestilence "Into the Crypts of  Blasphemy"
21.NEKROMANTHEON cry havoc "Divinity of Death"
22.CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY no fuel no hope "It's Time to Face the Doomsday"
23.CATHEDRAL the guessing game "The Guessing game"
24.VOLBEAT 7 shots "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven" 
26.THE CORPS ace of spades "Bottle of Rock 'n Roll"
27.MOTORHEAD born to lose "The World is Yours"