Thursday, August 15, 2019

PTBL #495, 13/08/2019

1.CANDLEMASS splendor demon majesty "The Door to Doom" 2019
2.CANDLEMASS assassin of the light s/t 2005
3.220 VOLT the end of the world s/t 1983
4.YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE disciples of hell "Marching Out" 1985
5.S.A. SLAYER the door "Prepare to Die" Ep 1983
6.S.A. SLAYER prepare to die "Prepare to Die"EP 1983
7.GLACIER vendetta s/t MLP 1985
8.WARLORD winter tears "Deliver Us" 1983
9.WARLORD lucifer's hammer v/a "Metal Massacre" 1982
10.GRAVE DIGGER heavy metal breakdown "Heavy Metal Breakdown" 1984
11.IRON ANGEL legions of evil "Hellish Crossfire" 1985
12.POSSESSED abandoned "Revelations of Oblivion" 2019
13.WOLF evil (EVIL) demo 198?
14.OUTRAGE nightmares "Two Track Attack" demo 1986
15.STINGRAY we all live in hell demo 198?
16.STOKER I've had enough "Not So Innocent"1988
17.BRATS fuel "1980 Brats"1980
18.THE BEAST enemy ace "Power Metal" 1983
19.DECEASED wiped out (RAVEN) "Cadaver Traditions" 2015
20.VANEXA mille notti "1979-1980" 2010
21.BASELINE suspended animation v/a "Jobcentre Rejects - ultra rare NWOBHM 1978-82" 2019
22.FRENZY thanks for nothing v/a "Jobcentre Rejects - ultra rare NWOBHM 1978-82" 2019
23.GASKIN end of the world "Beyond Worlds End 80-81" 2009
24.BITCHES SIN ice angels "The First Temptation" 2004
25.SLASHING DEATH apocalyptic "Not Dead" 2019
26.BLASPHEMY demoniac "Blood Upon the Altar"Demo 1989
27.XYSMA priests fermented in excrements "Swarming of the Maggots"Demo 1989
28.BACTERIA parricidal blasphemy "Septical Roar"Demo 1989
29.DEADLOCK f.o.l. "Declared as Forgotten - Banished from Remembrance" Demo 1989
30.TERRIBLE VIRTUE lonely lonely lonely "I only Laugh When it Hurts" Demo 1989
31.DECEASED stay clean (Motorhead) "Cadaver Traditions" 2015

Thursday, August 8, 2019

PTBL #494, 06/08/2019

1.THE BEAST the beast "Power Metal" EP 1983
2.FRIGID BICH no guts no glory "Tyrants of a Generation" 2011
3.FRIGID BICH louder than loud "Tyrants of a Generation" 2011
4.SURGICAL STEEL shadows of steel v/a "Metal Massacre II" 1982
5.ASSASSIN assassin "License to Kill" 1985
6.MADAM X max volume "We Reserve the Right" 1984
7.MADAM X metal in my veins "We Reserve the Right" 1984
8.YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE anguish and fear "Marching Out" 1985
9.RANDY victim of the night (demo 1987) s/t 2012
10.HEAVY LOAD bleeding streets "Death or Glory" 1982
11.220 VOLT child of the night s/t 1983
12.METAL CHURCH of unsound mind "Blessing in Disguise" 1989
13.METAL CHURCH (my favourite) nightmare s/t 1984
14.METAL CHURCH by the numbers "Damned if You Do" 2018
15. Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof by Mal
16.METAL CHURCH revolution underway "Damned if You Do" 2018
17.TRILOGY rockin' and rollin "Live demo 1983"
18.STALLION dead and gone but not forgotten demo 1982
19.INTRUDER takin' the night "On the Edge"demo 1988
20.LIGHTNING ROCK armed and ready (MSG) demo 198?
21.SPEED down the road v/a "Job Centre Rejects - ultra rare NWOBHM 1978 -82"
22.PREDATUR seen you here v/a "Job Centre Rejects - ultra rare NWOBHM 1978-82"
23.TYGERS OF PAN TANG blackjack "Spellbound" 1981
24.BRATS tame me (insomniac) "1980 Brats" 1980
25.DISMEMBER self-dissection "Complete Demos" 2005
26.CARNAGE the day man lost "The Day man Lost..." Demo 1989
27.ENTOMBED but life goes on v/a "Swedish Death Metal" 2009
28.MOTORHEAD better of dead "Snake bite Love" 1998

Monday, August 5, 2019


On this week's show, Metal Mal has pre-recorded an interview with Kurt Vanderhoof from the legendary METAL CHURCH who are touring Australia for the first time (see tour dates below), tune in Tuesday 9-11pm on 93.7FM or for the interview and more.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

PTBL #493, 30/07/2019

1.BRATS oy-905 "1980 Brats"  1980
2.BRATS heavy rocker "1980 Brats" 1980
3.HOLOCAUST smokin' valves "The Nightcomers" 1981
4.CRYING STEEL hero s/t MLP 1985
5.HEAVY LOAD something new "Death or Glory""  1982
6.BLACK SABBATH hole in the sky "Sabotage" 1975
7.TROUBLE revelation (life or death) "Psalm 9" 1984
8.REX INFERI metal possession "The Damage Has been Done" MLP 1986
9.GLORY ANTHEM towards the edge "Death or Glory "Demo 1987 RE 2019
10.BLACK KNIGHT master of disaster "Master Of  Disaster" 1985
11.MIDNIGHT DICE set me free Demo 2019
12.INTRUDER on the edge "On the Edge" Demo 1988
13.DE-ARROW don't steal my heart away s/t 2018
14.CROSS MEMBER once bitten twice shy "Live demo" 198?
15.WOLF feel the fire Demo 198?
16.INFLICTOR tragic magic salacious "Freefall"demo 1991
17.SPECTRAL BIRTH carnal butchery "Raze" demo 1990 Re 2019
18.ARMOURED ANGEL crush kill destroy "Wings of Death" demo 1989
18.ORDER FROM CHAOS quietus "Crushed Infamy" Demo 1989
19.WINTER servants of the warsmen s/t Demo 1989
20.BACTERIA intro "Spectral Uproar" Demo 1989
21.BACTERIA spectral uproar "Spectral Uproar" Demo 1989
22.BLASPHEMY blasphemous attack  "Blood Upon the Altar" 1989 Demo
23.OVERDRIVE trapped under ice (bonus track) "Swords and  Axes"  RE CD 2003
24.RANDY the razors edge s/t 2012
25.MOTORHEAD joy of labor  "Snake Bite Love" 1998

Thursday, July 25, 2019

PTBL # 492, 23/07/2019

1.HEAVY LOAD heavy metal angels (in metal and leather) "Death or Glory" 1982
2.HEAVY LOAD the guitar is my sword (Extended and Remixed) "Death or Glory" RE 2019
3.YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN I am a viking  "Marching Out" 1985
4.GOTHAM CITY swords and chains "The Unknown" 1984
5.NEPTUNE enemies "Land of  Northern" 2018
6.MIDNIGHT DICE roll on Demo 2019
7.WARDANCE destroyer  "heaven is For Sale" 1990
8.DEATH RIDES A HORSE the crusader  "Urizen" 7" 2016
9.WOLF rock til ya die "Rock Til ya Die"demo 198?
10.BLACK STAR RIDERS all hell breaks loose "All Hell Breaks Loose" 2013
11.THIN LIZZY warriors "Jailbreak" 1976
12.TANITH eleven years "In Another time" 2019
13.BLACK STAR RIDERS ain't the end of the world "Another State of Grace" 2019
14.Interview with Scott Gorham by Metal Mal
15.BLACK STAR RIDERS another state of Grace "Another Stare of Grace" 2019
16.SEVENTH SON metal to the moon "Immortal hours" 2002
17.MONTROSE starliner "Paper Money" 1974
18.MONTROSE  space station no.5 s/t 1973
19.LONE STAR a million stars s/t 1976
20.SAXON the eagle has landed "Power and Glory" 1983
21.MOTORHEAD shine "Another Perfect Day" 1983

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Metal Mal has done a pre-recorded interview with the legendary Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders, tune in tonight 9-11pm on 3D Radio 93.7FM or as he talks about the new album "Another State of Grace" and more.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

PTBL #491, 16/07/2019

1.H-BOMB h-bomb "Coup de Metal" MLP 1983
2.SORTILEGE progeniture s/t ep 1983
3.BLASPHEME vengeance barbare s/t 1984
4.ANYWAY denoument - revs fous (demo '89) "Rival" RE 2017
5.SLAUGHTER try to feel the night (demo 1986) s/t 2010
6.LIVING DEATH killing machine "Metal  Revolution" 1985
7.GLORY ANTHEM shell shock "Death or Glory" Demo 1987 LP RE 2019
8.DEATHROW slaughtered "Riders of Doom" 1986
9.NECRODEATH choose your death "Fragments of Insanity" 1989
10.SPECTRAL BIRTH bodies crushed by tanks "Raze"Demo 1990 RE 12"2019
11.KREATOR bringer of torture "Extreme Aggression" 1989
12.DESTRUCTION bestial invasion "Infernal Overkill" 1985
13.DESTRUCTION mad butcher "Mad Butcher" ep 1987
14.DESTRUCTION Interview with Schmier by Mal
15.DESTRUCTION Born to Perish "Born to Perish" 2019
16.TREASON chains "Thundertorn" demo 1982
17.TABU the executioneer "Out of the Pit"demo 1985
18.FURY my machine demo 198?
19.WOLF hey Satan demo 198?
20.DESOLATION ANGELS spirit of the deep s/t 1986
21.LEGEND torture s/t 1981
22.BLACK SABBATH sabbath bloody sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" 1973
23.MOTORHEAD bang to rights "Iron Fist" 1982